Eobot Multi Crypto Currency Earning Tutorial Guide


How to Earn Multi CryptoCurrencies From Earn Online Bot [Eobot] Tutorial Guide

Eobot’s interface is somewhat confusing to new members, (but actually it is very easy) use this guide to familiar with eobot’s interface.

Eobot site has long existed and is a very reliable site in the field of mining alt-coins. There are many methods of earning coins.

Join Here

After Registration you need to confirm email ID

Everytime 2FA security key (like below image) need to login  [you can disable this option in your eobot account if  u want]

Eobot Dashboard Interface ScreenShot

Eobot’s Some cool features:

  • Members Can use free software provided by eobot or buy exchange 21 popular Cryptocoins
  • Members can Deposit Buy or Earn Free GHS Hash Power and Auto Mine Any coins.
  • 5 years and 24 hours Hashing Power available for Rental
  • Members can Exchange any Coins to Coins in Real Time
  • Every 24 hours Members can Free Earn any1 Coin or HashPower of your Choice from Faucet
  • 3rd Party Mining Using Your Own Computers and Hardwares in the clouds
  • Immediate results, Your Mining Profit update every 60 seconds
  • Possibly own the fraction of cloud field
  • Choose payment in any cryptocurrency display
  • Deposit Wallet for Every Coins

You can activate any cyptocurrency of your choice 

Claiming From Daily Free Faucet 

Go to >Products >select Faucet >wait to page load>complete the captcha and click >Get Faucet Reward [Check Below Screenshot]

Eobot’s CrypoCurrencies:-

Bitcoin [BTC]
Ethereum [ETH]
Litecoin [LTC]
Steem [STEEM]
Dogecoin [DOGE]
Ripple [XRP]
Dash [DASH]
Golem [GNT]
BitShares [BTS]
CureCoin [CURE]
Monero [XMR]
Zcash [ZEC]
Factom [FCT]
Bytecoin [BCN]
Bitcoin Cash [BCH]
Lisk [LSK]
MaidSafeCoin [MAID]
Gridcoin [GRC]
Ethereum Classic [ETC]

Mining Hash Power Options:-

Cloud Folding [PPD]
Cloud Mining [GHS 4.0]

Cloud Mining Rentals
Investing in  Mining Contract rentals-
This is for someone who has capital or want to Profit fast
Mining Cloud SHA-256 and Cloud Scrypt - You can Mining up Cloud SHA to increase your hashrate to help you Mining more coins.

There are 2 types Mining contracts:
24 hour contract [speed mining] Expensive
5 year contract.[Slow mining] Cheap

Mining contracts rentals [Exchange or Purchase option ]

  • Cloud (SHA-256) [GHS 4.0] - 5 Year and 24 Hour Rental option

  • Cloud Scrypt [KHS] - 24 Hour Rental Option Only

  • Cloud SETI - 1 Year Rental Option Only

  • Cloud Folding - 1 Year and 24 Hour Rental option

The ROI period is nearly 2 years.
ROI can use for reinvestment,[if the coin prize you mining go up can expect huge profit]
it can pay back more than a year or more.

Cloud SETI

Can Exchange or Purchase 1 year contract Cloud SETI - This type of contract you can get a share of Gridcoin.

If You Have 1.0 Cloud SETI  [BPPD]  You Will Automatically Earn  0.00333333 Gridcoin[GRC] Daily

Cloud Folding

Can Exchange or Purchase 1 year contract Cloud Folding - This type of contract is a kind of charitable donation. By purchasing the Folding contract you are contributing to Stanford University's medical research projects. Then you can get a share of Curecoin.

If You Have 1.0 Cloud Folding  PPD You Will Automatically Earn 0.00012000 CureCoin[CURE] Daily

Exchange between coin types - Exchange immediately. Fee is quite cheap. You can convert bitcoin to dogecoin or from dogecoin to bitcoin or other currencies etc..

Withdraw Option Screenshot

And you can withdraw at any time to your wallet check minimum coins required to withdraw

How to Generate Deposit Wallets Check below SS

Tips:  You can Free claim from other faucets and deposit to eobot and exchange for high profits

Wishing you happy Earnings


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